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These terms refer to driving while under the effects of alcohol or drugs that impair judgment—a serious crime. DUI and DWI may sometimes be used interchangeably or, in some states, be recognized as different crimes.

The drugs in use do not have to be illegal for a DUI or DWI to be issued; they can be narcoticsover-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs. The focus, instead, is on impaired driving, which is dangerous to both the driver and others on the road.


Many states use the terms interchangeably, as they are legally treated as the same crime. In these cases, DUIs usually signify less intoxication, as determined by a person's blood alcohol content BAC at the time of arrest.

In the U. Some states, such as Colorado, impose other criminal penalties for a BAC above 0. Drivers under 21 typically cannot have a BAC above 0. Other authoritative bodies may also set special BAC limits in an effort to further discourage drunk or drugged driving and more severely penalize offenders.

When drivers are suspected of impairment, officers may pull them over and require them to perform a series of physical tests e. Many states issue automatic penalties for refusing a breathalyzer test. There are other automatic penalties for those who have a BAC level above 0. For example, in the state of Arizona, any driving impairment that might be caused or related to alcohol consumption can be a civil or criminal offense.

To learn about BAC limits around the world, see Wikipedia's entry on drunk driving laws by country. Individual states have the power to regulate DUI and DWI penalties, and so laws and subsequent penalties vary considerably from state to state. Among those states that differentiate between DWI and DUI, some will occasionally reduce a DWI charge to a DUI in the case of first time offenses, defendant remorse, and a blood alcohol level that was not significantly over the legal limit.

Second and third offenses carry heavier penalties and may result in up to a year-long jail sentence. Repeat offenders and drivers under 21 may not drive with a BAC level above 0. More info. The state of Texas charges those under 21 who are driving impaired with a DUI, in accordance with the state's zero tolerance policy for under 21 driving.

Impaired drivers over 21 are charged with a DWI. As such, "DWI" is the more common term in Texas, and it also carries harsher penalties. Second and third time offenses carry heavier penalties, such as a required ignition interlock device for future driving.

A third time offense results in a minimum of 2 years in jail. DWAI refers to driving that is below the 0.Or looking to learn more about what qualifies as a DWAI?

Your Syracuse DWI team has outlined these offenses for you below. The repercussions for the first DWAI a driver receives are:. Repeated DWAIs can result in more serious repercussions. DUI or Driving under the Influence, is a common legal term used by many states, New York does not actually use the term. A DWI means that the driver is legally intoxicated, with a blood alcohol content of at least 0.

A DWAI is specific to the substance impairing the driver. That is, you can be charged with a DWAI-Drugs, for driving under the influence of drugs, which includes illegal drugs are those that are prescribed, or a DWAI-Alcohol, for driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol content between. Additionally, DWI offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. An interlock device is essentially a breathalyzer connected to the vehicle engine.

In order to start the engine, the driver must use the breathalyzer, and if any alcohol is detected, the engine will not start at all.

Every New York driver convicted of a DWI is required to install and use an ignition interlock device for at least one year, plus any other penalty required. Each subsequent DWI conviction can increase the potential penalties, and may lead to felony charges.

Have you or a loved one received a DWAI?

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Not sure where to turn next? The DWI Team at Nave Law is equipped to make sure you have great representation in the courtroom and to get the fair outcome you deserve.

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Call our office in Syracuse, NY today at or contact us here. This is one of the most common questions the we receive.In all 50 states in America, drunk driving constitutes a crime. At this time, all states in America consider a BAC level of.

However, many people claim that ability impairment begins at a much lower blood alcohol content level. The NTSB claims that drivers have difficulty with visual functions such as depth perception at. By a BAC of.

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For this reason, many other countries consider a BAC of. However, studies show that this limit is too high. The risk of getting in an accident if you are driving with a BAC of. If you are driving with a BAC of.

Many people feel that lowering the BAC limit will reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths on the road. This has been the case in other countries that have lowered their BAC limit, such as Australia.

When the government dropped the BAC level to. Those who oppose the potential drop in BAC limit feel that a lower BAC limit will not deter drunk drivers from driving. Furthermore, some feel that this move would punish people who drink responsibly and are not engaging in reckless behavior. However, the NTSB has no authority to change the law, and can only provide suggestions for state laws. Both charges can carry a fine, a jail sentence, and a license suspension, however the DWI consequences are greater than the DWAI ones, due largely to the fact that you are over the legal limit when you commit a DWI.

Differences Between DWI and DWAI In New York

The state of Connecticut does not take action against drivers who have a BAC of less than. This courtesy is extended to Connecticut drivers in the state of New York. I have been practicing law in Connecticut since My office has operators standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When you need to speak to an attorney, we will be there to answer the call. Need to get some answers but not able to make a call? Just send us a text and one of my team members will reply ASAP. When it comes to DUI defense, hope is not a strategy, but contacting me is. Put me to work on your case so that you can focus on yourself and your family at this time.

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DMV Information Court vs.If arrested for a drug or alcohol related charge, you might wonder what the specifics of your charge entail. These charges are not the same! They refer to different things in the state of New York. If your BAC is at. Both charges can carry a fine, a jail sentence, and a license suspension. In the state of Connecticut, action is not taken against drivers with a BAC of less than. This courtesy is extended to Connecticut drivers in the state of New York. You can call us for a free consultation with Ruane Attorneys if you are a licensed Connecticut driver and a resident of Connecticut.

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In New York Is There A Difference Between a DWI and a DUI?

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Your Name. Phone Number. Schedule Your Call Back. During normal business hours, our staff will make every effort to call you back. If your request is not during normal business hours, someone will call you back first thing the next morning.Each of these violation categories come with severe consequences.

Each year, New York courts convict people of around 50, drunk or drugged driving charges, but the true number of violations is likely to be much higher.

In fact, 14 out of every New Yorkers admit to having driven after drinking too much, meaning the true numbers could be in the hundred thousands. DWIs are the most common of the three kinds of this violation in NY. Each of these three variations on drunk and drugged driving charges have their own unique set of legal specifications. That means, despite their many similarities, there are plenty of ways to differentiate between them.

A common misconception is that the laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated only apply to motorcycles, cars, and trucks. As a general rule of thumb, you should never operate any machinery or vehicle motorized or not after having consumed any amount of alcohol. You can get a DWAI for driving anytime when your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or other means. What makes this different from a DWI charge is the amount of alcohol in your system. However, they can be more severe if your ability to drive were to be impaired by both drugs and alcohol, rather than simply alcohol.

Driving under the influence is a different category from driving while intoxicated or while your ability is impaired. DUIs are all-inclusive, meaning that you can be charged with a DUI for driving after consuming any kind of legal or illegal drug.

One of the most common penalties for these three violation categories is jail time. For the most part, first-time violations for DWIs are considered misdemeanors, which means no mandatory minimum jail time. The least severe penalties for a DWAI alcohol conviction include jail for up to 15 days.

When you add drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol into the mix, the penalties become much more severe. A first-time DWAI combination violation can send you to jail for up to one full year.

A second conviction for a combination DWAI will increase your potential jail time to four years. The next step up is a standard DWI violation. Surcharges are additional financial penalties that the state tacks on after your conviction. Looking back at the section on fines, we can see that the surcharge for a DWI can double or even triple the cost of the conviction. In most cases points are not assessed on your license as a result of a DUI. There are two ways for the state to confiscate your driver license: suspension and revocation.

EAch of these ways can be reached through a long list of actions. Your license will be suspended for six months. The main difference between a suspended license and a revoked license is that you can eventually get back your suspended license.

When your license is revoked, you will never be able to get back the same license. Instead, you will have to get an entirely new one. The typical term of revocation is one year.

At the end of that period, you will have the option to pay a termination fee or other applicable fees and go through the process of reapplying for a driver license.

Watch a Judge DISMISS a DUI 2nd Offense: the Cop admits he Arrested my Client for INTENT to Drive!

Yes and no. Misdemeanors are less severe violations. Penalties for a misdemeanor in New York tend to include only a few days of jail time, if any, for a first offense.Since there are no references in the New York law to DUI as a legal term most attorneys and judges will simply refer to drunk driving cases as DWI cases. There is no legal difference in New York between these two terms. DWAI-Combination which stands for driving while ability impaired by a combination of alcohol and drugs.

If you are someone who has been charged with allegedly committing an act of assault, you are most likely considering your legal options going forward, as the ramifications of these… Read More.

DUI vs. DWI: What’s The Difference?

There are few charges that are more damaging than DWIs. Unfortunately, when someone receives a DWI, there is a very good chance that person will lose his or her license. There are few things worse than being convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, a conviction can carry far more than a simple jail sentence.

However, for many, they are offered to… Read More.

dwi vs dui ny

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dwi vs dui ny

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