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This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions which you accept by using our Website or our Services. We have incorporated by reference some linked information. We may amend this User Agreement and any linked information from time to time by posting amended terms on the Website, without notice to you. The Website is an online venue where User buys Influencer Services.

User and Influencer must register for an Account in order to buy or sell Influencer Services. The Website enables Users to work together online to complete and pay for Influencer Services. We may, from time to time, and without notice, change or add to the Website or the information, products or services described in it. However, we do not undertake to keep the Website updated. We are not liable to you or anyone else if any error occurs in the information on the Website or if that information is not current.

We provide a Service on this Website which allows controlled Payments to be made with respect to an Influencer Service. We are merely a facilitator of Payment, and we shall not be liable for delay, non-occurrence, deduction of any amount due from User to Influencer as a result of using the Influencer Services. You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any services or value added taxes, which may be applicable depending on the jurisdiction of the services provided, these taxes will be added to fees billed to you, if applicable.

All of our payable fees shall be excluding any applicable taxes, official charges, official fee of any kind.

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You acknowledge that you must comply with your obligations under income tax provisions in your jurisdiction. You authorise us, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity. You must, at our request: 1 provide further information to us, which may include your date of birth and or other information that will allow us to reasonably identify you; 2 take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or financial instruments; or 3 verify your information against third party databases or through other sources.

You must also, at our request, provide copies of identification documents such as your passport or ID, driver's license. We may also ask you to provide photographic identification holding your identification together with a sign with a code that we provide as an additional identity verification step. We also reserve the right to request a video interview with you to validate this information, your identity, your background and your skills. We reserve the right to update your particulars on the Website in order to match any identity documentation that has been provided.

Disbursements such as wire transfers from the Website may only be made to the beneficiary matching your provided identity documents and account information. We may close, suspend or limit your access to your Account without reason.

Without limiting the foregoing, we may close, suspend or limit your access to your Account:. If we close your Account due to your breach of this User Agreement, you may also become liable for certain fees as described in this User Agreement.

Without limiting our other remedies, to the extent you have breached this User Agreement, you must pay us all fees owed to us and reimburse us for all losses and costs including any and all of our employee time and reasonable expenses including legal fees related to investigating such breach and collecting such fees. If we deactivate your Account for a reason other than as a result of your breach of this User Agreement, unless as otherwise specified in this User Agreement, you will be entitled to receive any payment due from us to you.Gregoriano: Gradual.

Gregoriano: Introito. LPM Contextos Renacimiento.

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Dowland: Flow my tears. Enzina: Buen ganadico. Josquin: Mille Regretz. Monteverdi: Zefiro. Morales: Misa Mille Regretz. Palestrina: Credo Papa Marcello. Victoria: Versa est in luctum. Mapa del sitio. Los intervalos que predominan en el canto son la segunda y la tercera, siendo excepcionales saltos mayores como el de cuarta en la silaba "fe" de la palabra "fecit". La nota final del canto siempre es su nota finalis, ya que indica que el viaje ha terminado, que hemos vuelto a casa.

Hablar de ritmo en el canto gregoriano plantea algunos problemas. Este canto "Viderunt omnes" se cree que pertenece a los siglos X de nuestra era. En esta misa de Navidad el Gradual, perteneciente al Propio, era cantado por un cantor solista de pie subido a las gradas o escaleras que suben al altar. En algunas interpretaciones se repite la parte A, de manera que su forma resultante es ABA. Ritmo Hablar de ritmo en el canto gregoriano plantea algunos problemas.This article lists direct English translations of common Latin phrases.

Some of the phrases are themselves translations of Greek phrasesas Greek rhetoric and literature reached its peak centuries before that of ancient Rome. Root of the word aboriginal. Also rendered as absit iniuria verbis "let injury be absent from these words". Used as a motto by Paracelsus. Motto of the American Council on Foreign Relationswhere the translation of ubique is often given as omnipresentwith the implication of pervasive hidden influence.

There is no consistent British style. None of those works prescribe specifically for or against a comma following these abbreviations, leaving it to writers' own judgment. Some specific publishers, primarily in news journalismdrop one or both forms of punctuation as a matter of house style.

They seem more frequently to be British than American perhaps owing to the AP Stylebook being treated as a de facto standard across most American newspapers, without a UK counterpart. For example, The Guardian uses "eg" and "ie" with no punctuation, [44] while The Economist uses "eg," and "ie," with commas and without points, [45] as does The Times of London.

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The Australian government's Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers preserves the points in the abbreviations, but eschews the comma after them it similarly drops the title's serial comma before "and", which most UK and many US publishers would retain.

Style guides are generally in agreement that both abbreviations are preceded by a comma or used inside a parenthetical construction, and are best confined to the latter and to footnotes and tables, rather than used in running prose.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Quod vide. Wikipedia list article. List of Latin phrases sub-articles.


For other uses, see Vice Versa disambiguation. Garner in Garner's Modern English Usage[39] that "eg" and "ie" style versus "e. To the extent anything approaching a consistent general conflict can be identified, it is between American and British news companies' different approaches to the balance between clarity and expediency, without complete agreement on either side of the Atlantic, and with little evidence of effects outside journalism circles, e.

Liturgical Press. Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. Merriam-Webster, Inc. Retrieved 17 March Reading Ovid: Stories from the Metamorphoses. Cambridge University Press.

Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short. A Latin Dictionary on Perseus Project. Epistularum Q.McDevitte and W.

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Bohn [], at sacred-texts. Silanus C. Antistius Reginus, and T. Sextius, his lieutenants: at the same time he requested Cn. Pompey, the proconsul, that since he was remaining near the city invested with military command for the interests of the commonwealth, he would command those men whom when consul he had levied by the military oath in Cisalpine Gaul, to join their respective corps, and to proceed to him; thinking it of great importance, as far as regarded the opinion which the Gauls would entertain for the future, that that the resources of Italy should appear so great that if any loss should be sustained in war, not only could it be repaired in a short time, but likewise be further supplied by still larger forces.

And when Pompey had granted this to the interests of the commonwealth and the claims of friendship, Caesar having quickly completed the levy by means of his lieutenants, after three regiments had been both formed and brought to him before the winter [had] expired, and the number of those cohorts which he had lost under Q. Titurius had been doubled, taught the Gauls, both by his dispatch and by his forces what the discipline and the power of the Roman people could accomplish. Multis de causis Caesar maiorem Galliae motum exspectans per Marcum Silanum, Gaium Antistium Reginum, Titum Sextium legatos dilectum habere instituit; simul ab Gnaeo Pompeio proconsule petit, quoniam ipse ad urbem cum imperio rei publicae causa remaneret, quos ex Cisalpina Gallia consulis sacramento rogavisset, ad signa convenire et ad se proficisci iuberet, magni interesse etiam in reliquum tempus ad opinionem Galliae existimans tantas videri Italiae facultates ut, si quid esset in bello detrimenti acceptum, non modo id brevi tempore sarciri, sed etiam maioribus augeri copiis posset.

Quod cum Pompeius et rei publicae et amicitiae tribuisset, celeriter confecto per suos dilectu tribus ante exactam hiemem et constitutis et adductis legionibus duplicatoque earum cohortium numero, quas cum Quinto Titurio amiserat, et celeritate et copiis docuit, quid populi Romani disciplina atque opes possent. They cease not to importune the neighboring Germans and to promise them money: when they could not obtain [their object] from those nearest them, they try those more remote.

Having found some states willing to accede to their wishes, they enter into a compact with them by a mutual oath, and give hostages as a security for the money: they attach Ambiorix to them by an alliance and confederacy.

Caesar, on being informed of their acts, since he saw that war was being prepared on all sides, that the Nervii, Aduatuci, and Menapii, with the addition of all the Germans on this side of the Rhine were under arms, that the Senones did not assemble according to his command, and were concerting measures with the Carnutes and the neighboring states, that the Germans were importuned by the Treviri in frequent embassies, thought that he ought to take measures for the war earlier [than usual].

Interfecto Indutiomaro, ut docuimus, ad eius propinquos a Treveris imperium defertur. Illi finitimos Germanos sollicitare et pecuniam polliceri non desistunt. Cum ab proximis impetrare non possent, ulteriores temptant. Inventis nonnullis civitatibus iureiurando inter se confirmant obsidibusque de pecunia cavent: Ambiorigem sibi societate et foedere adiungunt.

Quibus rebus cognitis Caesar, cum undique bellum parari videret, Nervios, Aduatucos ac Menapios adiunctis Cisrhenanis omnibus Germanis esse in armis, Senones ad imperatum non venire et cum Carnutibus finitimisque civitatibus consilia communicare, a Treveris Germanos crebris legationibus sollicitari, maturius sibi de bello cogitandum putavit. That business having been speedily executed, he again led his legions back into winter-quarters.

Having proclaimed a council of Gaul in the beginning of the spring, as he had been accustomed [to do], when the deputies from the rest, except the Senones, the Carnutes, and the Treviri, had come, judging this to be the commencement of war and revolt, that he might appear to consider all things of less consequence [than that war], he transfers the council to Lutetia of the Parisii. These were adjacent to the Senones, and had united their state to them during the memory of their fathers, but were thought to have no part in the present plot.

Having proclaimed this from the tribunal, he advances the same day toward the Senones with his legions, and arrives among them by long marches. Itaque nondum hieme confecta proximis quattuor coactis legionibus de improviso in fines Nerviorum contendit et, priusquam illi aut convenire aut profugere possent, magno pecoris atque hominum numero capto atque ea praeda militibus concessa vastatisque agris in deditionem venire atque obsides sibi dare coegit.

Eo celeriter confecto negotio rursus in hiberna legiones reduxit. Concilio Galliae primo vere, ut instituerat, indicto, cum reliqui praeter Senones, Carnutes Treverosque venissent, initium belli ac defectionis hoc esse arbitratus, ut omnia postponere videretur, concilium Lutetiam Parisiorum transfert. Confines erant hi Senonibus civitatemque patrum memoria coniunxerant, sed ab hoc consilio afuisse existimabantur.

Hac re pro suggestu pronuntiata eodem die cum legionibus in Senones proficiscitur magnisque itineribus eo pervenit. Caesar readily grants them pardon, and receives their excuse, at the request of the Aedui, because he thought that the summer season was one for an impending war, not for an investigation.

Having imposed one hundred hostages, he delivers these to the Aedui to be held in charge by them. To the same place the Carnutes send embassadors and hostages, employing as their mediators the Remi, under whose protection they were: they receive the same answers. Caesar concludes the council and imposes a levy of cavalry on the states.

Cognito eius adventu Acco, qui princeps eius consili fuerat, iubet in oppida multitudinem convenire. Conantibus, priusquam id effici posset, adesse Romanos nuntiatur. Necessario sententia desistunt legatosque deprecandi causa ad Caesarem mittunt: adeunt per Aeduos, quorum antiquitus erat in fide civitas. Libenter Caesar petentibus Aeduis dat veniam excusationemque accipit, quod aestivum tempus instantis belli, non quaestionis esse arbitrabatur.

Obsidibus imperatis centum hos Aeduis custodiendos tradit. Eodem Carnutes legatos obsidesque mittunt usi deprecatoribus Renis, quorum erant in clientela: eadem ferunt responsa. Peragit concilium Caesar equitesque imperat civitatibus.Welcome to OMNES MEDIAyour state-of-the-art digital media and communications platform, offering a wide spectrum of multi-channel media services and connecting you with a large network of media industry professionals worldwide.

As an integrated media and communications solution, OMNES MEDIA is a unique and powerful one-stop platform that offers all the resources you need to share your story and promote your brand. We invite all industry veterans who have a tenacious drive to learn and stay at the forefront of emerging communications approaches and technologies, and those who want to help brands connect with customers and stakeholders, to use our fully integrated suite of media services.

Omnes Capital's investments: AB Tasty

Our offering suits all types of companies and businesses who are on the look for a comprehensive and interactive media platform to help them simplify their communications workflow, build brand awareness, and promote the success of their organization. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface, up-to-date media database, convenient access to press rooms, valuable analytics and statistics, easy sharing of information, guaranteed visibility, and in-depth insights to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Find influencers, build awareness, share brand news, and track coverage across a multitude of media channels with a single media solution that covers all aspects of your communication needs, helping you target, reach, and engage your specific audience. What would you like to do? Add News. Post Jobs. Add an Event. Create Company Profile. Create a Survey. About Us Pushing the limits of digital media communication Welcome to OMNES MEDIAyour state-of-the-art digital media and communications platform, offering a wide spectrum of multi-channel media services and connecting you with a large network of media industry professionals worldwide.

Get in touch. Follow us on. We Accept. Copyright - All rights reserved by omnesmedia. Log in your account. Remember me Forgot Password?

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Don't have an account? Create my account.Founded inBiosyl adds value to wood chips and saw-mill waste by producing wood pellets for domestic stoves and pellet boilers. Biosyl is the main producer in this local market, and one of the five largest manufacturers in France. The Saint Denis aquatic centre will notably host the Olympic waterpolo, diving and artistic swimming events in Offered in SaaS mode to marketing teams looking to adopt a data-driven approach while remaining highly agile, the AB Tasty solution helps e-commerce sites, interactive service providers and media to improve their conversion rate, irrespective of whether their digital presence consists of web sites, mobile sites or native applications.

Based in Brussels, Intys is one of the leading consulting firms in Belgium. As a multi-specialist player, Intys has a recognized expertise in the healthcare, energy, industrials and financial services sectors. Its 80 clients include leading companies and institutions active in Belgium and France.

Intys operates today through three business lines: operational consulting, cutting-edge industries and digital transformation.

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ILOS New Energy is an international solar power developer, based in Germany and founded by Michael Winter and Nikolaus Krane, two experts in utility-scale systems and the solar industry. The aim of this partnership is to create a platform of pan-European solar power projects exceeding 1,5 GW. Omnes is partnering with the company with the objective to become an independent power producer IPP across several markets.

Better Energy is a Danish-based integrated solar energy provider that has delivered over fifty operational solar power plants since the company was established in Better Energy has taken a leading position in innovating power purchase agreement PPA models for the renewable energy industry and has already delivered headline results for Chr.

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Hansen, Google, Bestseller and other high-profile clients within its primary markets. With its integrated value chain, Better Energy seamlessly blends all phases of development, construction and operation, including land, grid, PPA and financing. This end-to-end approach is designed to be effective within other complementary markets in the northern European and wider European region where value can be added.

A subsidiary of the Vocalcom Group and co-founded in by Anthony Dinis, Opportunity is a SaaS platform for customer interaction management. In this way, Opportunity is able to encompass the entire customer relations cycle: digital marketing acquisition campaign, contractualisation, loyalty through personalised customer experience, customer knowledge interactive surveyand proactive debt recovery.

Omnes Capital's investments. Investments Exits. All businesses All businesses. Venture Capital. Renewable Energy. Green building. All sectors All sectors. Healthcare facilities. Medical devices. Independent power producer.

4 Quod omnes tangit ab omnibus approbari debet: The Words and the Meaning

Construction and building materials. Business services. Consumer goods.

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Biosyl www.How to publish with Brill. Fonts, Scripts and Unicode. Brill MyBook. Ordering from Brill. Author Newsletter. How to Manage your Online Holdings. Sales Managers and Sales Contacts. Ordering From Brill. Discovery Services. Online User and Order Help. MARC Records. Titles No Longer Published by Brill.

Latest Key Figures. Latest Financial Press Releases and Reports. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Share Information. Specialty Products. Catalogs, Flyers and Price Lists.

Open Access. Open Access for Authors. Open Access and Research Funding. Open Access for Librarians. Open Access for Academic Societies. About us. Stay updated.

Corporate Social Responsiblity. Investor Relations. Review a Brill Book.

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Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives. Reference Works. Primary source collections.


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